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Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University "Silk Road Muduo" Scholarship
Application Instruction

In order to encourage and support international students with good academic performance to study for a degree at our university, Beijing Normal University has established a “Silk Road Muduo” scholarship. The details of the application are as follows:

I. Scholarship Coverage and Duration
The “Silk Road Muduo” scholarship include: tuition, accommodation allowance, living stipend and comprehensive medical insurance.
   Scholarship quota:
Undergraduates: 12; Graduate: 4; Ph.D.: 4
   Coverage & standard:
1. Tuition waiver for the duration of study;
2. Provide accommodation allowance, living stipend during the study period;
Undergraduate: RMB 2,500/month; accommodation allowance: RMB 700/month
Master’s: RMB 3,000/month; accommodation allowance: RMB 700/month
PhD: RMB 3,500/month; accommodation allowance: RMB 1,000/month
3. Provide comprehensive medical insurance;
4. The scholarship duration is equal to the duration of study. (If the awardee postpones his/her graduation, he/she will not be eligible for the scholarship during the extended period of studies. If the awardee suspends his/her study or leaves the school, his/her scholarship will be terminated)

II. Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with good health, and maintain an amicable attitude towards China
2. Applicants must be citizens of the "One Belt and One Road" countries;
3. The applicant should have good conduct and outstanding results and meet the following conditions:
Undergraduate applicants: Those with excellent scores in the entrance examination or those who have excellent results and have obtained exemption from entrance examination;
Master’s degree applicants: Excellent bachelor’s degree, strong academic background, scientific research and innovation capabilities;
Ph.D. applicants: Excellent master's degree, with strong academic background, scientific research and innovation capabilities.
4. Applicants must be perspective international students who have been admitted by BNU programs;

5. The applicants should not receive any other types of scholarship and did not receive any financial aids from any government, department or organization.

III. Application Materials:

1. For Master and PhD Programs, please visit: http://apply.bnu.edu.cn/ to complete a BNU online application and refer to:
http://www.zbshituochem.cn/en/course?cid=10&pid=2&type_id=2&k=1, Instructions on 2020 Graduate Programs Admission to mail all the required document. The documents are not required to be submitted repeatedly.
2. For Undergraduate Degree Program, please visit: http://www.zbshituochem.cn/en/course?cid=10&pid=2&type_id=2&k=0, Instructions on 2020 BNU International Undergraduate Students Admission for the required documents. The documents are not required to be submitted repeatedly.
Note: The application materials will not be returned.

IV. Application Deadline

The application deadline is March 15th, 2021 for undergraduate students, and April 30, 2021 for postgraduate students. Please submit all your application materials to the BNU Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs (Graduate School), Admission Office before the deadline.

V. Annual Review

Beijing Normal University “Silk Road Muduo Scholarship” recipients must take the annual review of the scholarship every May, to determine their scholarship qualification next year. If the students fail to pass the annual review, the scholarship will be suspended for one year; however, they will be allowed to take in the annual review the next year. If they are able to pass, the scholarship will resume and attend the next annual review, otherwise the scholarship will be terminated.

VI. Contact Information

Mailing address: 
Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs (Graduate School), Admission Office
Beijing Normal University
A103, Main Building, No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District
Beijing, China 100875
Website: http://www.zbshituochem.cn
bk@bnu.edu.cn (Undergraduate Program)
egp@bnu.edu.cn (Postgraduate Program)