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Apply Now

Beijing Government Scholarship Application for Current International Students

2019-2020 Beijing Government Scholarship Application

For Current International Students

In order to encourage and support excellent current international students, Beijing government establishes the “Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students”. BNU Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students Assessment Committee is responsible for the assessment and award along with the administration of the project.

Application details for the academic year 2019~2020 are as follows:

I. Grade, Type, Value & Quotas


Student Category




Tuition remission for academic year 2018-2019



2nd Prize


Tuition remission for half academic year 2018-2019

Note: During the scholarship period, awarded students who suspend and quit from school will be cancelled of the scholarship.

II. Applicant Qualifications

1.      Applicants should be BNU current degree program international students in good heath and are willing to obey laws and regulations inChina.

2.      Undergraduate applicants are required to study under the scheme of the professional teaching plan with excellent scores, without absenting any exam and all courses should be passed.

Graduate applicants are required to study under the scheme of the professional teaching plan with excellent scores and outstanding academic achievements, and the average score of all courses should be no less than 80(≥80), and all courses should be passed.

3.      Applicants are expected to actively participate school activities, dedicate to social services and contribute to country, society and school.

Notes: Applicants are not among the following cases.

1.      International degree students who have won any other scholarship or academic support provided by government, institution, or individual between September 2019 and July 2020.

2.  International degree students who have extended their study duration.

3.  International degree students who plan to suspend between September 2019 and July 2020.

III. Application Time

Please submit all the application materials to ISO between May7th-8th, 2019.

IV. Application Materials

1. “Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students

Note: Applicants need to finish the Parts of “Basic Information” “Personal Statements” and “Supervisor’s Comments”.

2.      Information on Publications”   If you have this, please attach in your application materials.

3.      Original transcripts between February 2018 and January 2019 with the stamp of faculty/school/department.

4.      Other related supporting materials: such as, certificate of award, academic achievements or publications (please provide the photocopy of the cover, the table of contents, and the front page of the publication, and fill in the Form of Information on Publications).

Note: The awards and publications were achieved between February 2018 and January 2019 with Beijing Normal University undersigned.

 V . Award and Announcement

BNU “Beijing Government Scholarships for International Students” Assessment Committee will assess the application materials and the awards list will be announced in late June 2019 at the website of BNU International Students Office.

International Students Office

                                                         April 23, 2019