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How to Get to Beijing Normal University

You can also take a taxi to BNU. It should cost no more than 100 - 120RMB. Please remember to take the receipt before getting off.
Airport Bus
You may also take the airport bus (Line 4) to BNU. The bus fare is 21RMB. Tickets can be purchased at the shuttle bus booth located outside Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Alight at Bei Tai Ping Zhuang stop, and walk 10-15 mins to BNU.
Airport Express
You can take airport express from T2(06:35-23:10) or T3(06:20-22:50). Alight at DongZhiMen Station and change to Line 2, then alight at JiShuiTan Station. You can walk, take taxi or bus from there to school.
After arriving in Beijing, please check in to your reserved dormitory, rented hourse or reserved hotel. Please be reminded that you need to get the Temporary Residence Form within 24 hours of checking in.
BNU Airport pickup service
BNU offers free pickup service for students from the airport. The pickup location is Beijing International Airport T3 Arrival Hall, February 22nd 2016, from 08:00 – 20:00. Please lookout for people holding the sign (refer to picture below). If your arrival time coincides with the pickup time, please log in to (http://apply.bnu.edu.cn/) to register with your flight information. Please have your Admission Notice ready for verification.