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Is there any specific requirements for purchasing Insurance?

Accordingto therequirementsof theMinistry of Education, international students in China must have anindividual maximum amount ofinsuranceworthat least 400,000 RMB (or equivalenceinothercurrencies), for the compensation of any overseas medical care and accidental injury.The Insurance should be valid for more than the duration of study in China.Students without insurance orwhose insurance fails to meet the above requirements will not be enrolled.

NOTE: Scholarship beneficiaries whose admission letters indicate insurance coverage are exempted from purchasing. Full scholarship students need to get their insurance card for free by presenting their admission letters.

Can I buy insurance in my home country?

You may choose to purchase foreign insurance in your home country, however, you must provide the original or notarized copy of the insurance certificate (and all documents related to the insurance) at the time of registration.

If I have already purchased insurance before coming to China, do I need to provide it during registration?

You must provide the original or notarized documents of your insurance during registration, the documents should clearly indicate that the individual maximum amount of compensation is 400,000 RMB or more.
* Insurance documents should be in English or Chinese, insurance cards or insurance documents in other languages will not be accepted.

What if I did not buy insurance before coming to China?

You can log on to Ping An Insurance Company website (http://lxbx.net/) to purchase insurance.

Please present your “online payment confirmation (voucher)” during registration.

  • Online payment platform of Insurance for International students in China: http://www.lxbx.net/
  • Insurance fee: please refer to http://www.lxbx.net/.
  • Insurance coverage: Emergencies, surgeries, hospitalization, accidental injury compensations etc. Refer to http://www.lxbx.net/ for detailed information about different insurance plans.
  • The final interpretation of this insurance scheme belongs to Ping An Insurance company.

Online Payment Process for International Students' Insurance in China

Log on toInsurance service platform website(www.lxbx.net)→Click on“Student check payment”→click on“Online Payment”→Enter your“passport number”OR“Insurance card number”→Click on“LOGIN”→Select your method of payment by clicking on“Domestic Bank card payment”OR“Abroad Bank card payment”OR“WeChat Payment”(Click on "?" For online help)→After successful payment, please click on the "HAVE BEEN PAID" option to download payment voucher.