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Physical Examination

Is physical examination necessary?
It is not required for students who are studying in China for just one.
Students who are studying in China for one academic year or more must do the physical examination and obtain medical certificate. Those who already have a residence permit need not to go through the medical checkup again. However if the student obtained the residence permit before the age of 18, then he/she has to undergo medical checkup again.
Requirement of Foreigner Physical Examination Form
  • Original copy
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Official stamp stamped on top of the passport photo
  • Signed and stamped by issuing doctor (last page)
  • If you have to photocopy the blank form, please do it double sided and NOT two pages
  • Original copy of AIDS, Syphilis, EGC and X-Ray test reports
  • Do I need go through physical examination again if I’ve already done it at home?
    If you did the physical examination outside of China, it needs to be verified during registration. A doctor will be present so you can get the results immediately.
    What if the report is disapproved?
    In the event that your report is disapproved, please contact Haidian Clinic of Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center for more information regarding reexamination.
    Website: http://www.bithc.org.cn
    Tel: +86-10-82403675.
    Physical examination arranged by ISO
    ISO will organize a trip to the clinic for students without physical examination or whose report was disapproved. Exact time and date will be further notified. Students can collect their report at ISO one week after the date of examination. The actual date and time of physical examination arranged by ISO may not line up with your visa application, hence students are advised to go by themselves and get it done earlier.
    Materials needed for physical examination/report verification
  • Admission notice/Student ID
  • Passport photocopy
  • 1 passport photo
  • Complete original reports of physical examination taken at hospitals excluding Haidian Clinic of Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center
  • 60 RMB verification fee
  • 400 RMB for physical examination
  • Address
    Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (Haidian Clinic)
  • Office Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-11:00
  • Tel:010-82403675
  • Address:No 10 Dezheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Website: http://www.bithc.org.cn/ithcweb/bithc/
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