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Apply Now


How to apply for visa to China?
1) You may apply for X1/X2 Visa at the Chinese Consulate/Embassy in your home country. Kindly bring along your valid passport, the original copy of Admission Notice from BNU and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202/101) form.

2) Please consult the embassy to check if the “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” is necessary for your visa application.`

3) Do make sure that the original copies of the Admission Notice and JW 202/201 form are handed back to you after obtaining your Chinese visa. These documents are mandatory for application of visa extension upon your arrival in Beijing.

Type of visa to apply for:
Please apply for X1/X2 student visa before coming to China.According toChinese immigration laws, students with visa-free access cannot get any other valid visa within mainland China.

Important visa notice:
1) Please arrive in China before  February 16th2016, to avoid any visa expiration issues.

2) According to Chinese law and regulations, students with X1 Visa are required to apply for Residence Permit within 30 days of their arrival to China. You will be fined heavily if you fail to do so.

3) You are required to register at the International Students Office first before applying for Residence Permit.

4) If you arrive before the registration date and face any issues with your visa, please contact ISO immediately.

5) For more information about visa application, please visit http://www.bjgaj.gov.cn (click on ‘服務頻道’—‘服務大廳’—‘外國人’)to check

For more information about Visa and Residence Permit, pkease visit http://www.zbshituochem.cn/en/pages?cid=496&pid=184.